Sipalay City, Negros Occidental - Philippines
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1,000 & One Reasons to visit Sipalay City
1,000 & One Reasons to visit Sipalay City


Sipalay City, on the south-western side is the jewel of the Negros Island; a summer destination for tourists. Often overlooked and contrasted with the somewhat nearby and ubiquitous Boracay, Sipalay City offers a more natural and untouched take on the beach life, with marine reserves, diving spots, activities, and tours that welcome both the nature junkie and the casual traveler.

4 hours drive away from Bacolod, and 2 hours away from Dumaguete, Sipalay City is home to about 80,000 people and plenty of indigenous flora and fauna.

Known for its exciting destinations and activities, Sipalay City sees a very large share of tourism every year. Places such as the abandoned Cansibit Pit, from the Maricalum Mining Corporation, one of the largest mining companies in the country feature views that you won’t find elsewhere. A mining pit now filled with rainwater, the whole area is now a tourist attraction, and contains a park providing a grand view to see the old mining pit from the top.

Guests getting ready for their Island Hoping adventure

Guests getting ready for their Island Hopping adventure

With beaches as the main attraction in Sipalay City, you’ll have your work out for you with many great ones to choose from. Hop on a motorized pumpboat, also known as a “bangka” and you and your friends will be transported to one of the best beaches in the country, where you can relax, play volleyball, and enjoy a little trek, while feeling the fine sand in between your toes.

If you’ve moved on from the beaches and want a to get more active, Sipalay City offers caves for spelunkers and the adventurous. The Matlag Cave showcases beautiful cave formations, and the Mamara Cave stuns explorers with an underground river.

If you choose to come in the summer, make it a point to visit towards the end of March, and you might just catch the Pasaway sa Sipalay, the city’s charter day festival celebration, where dancers clad in colorful outfits dance on the streets, depicting the mining industry, a big contributor to Sipalay City’s economic boom.

view from our Executive Suite

beach front view from our Executive Suite

At the end of the day, unwind and relax at Sipalay’s finest hotel, the Jamont Hotel. Formerly known as the Sipalay Suites, this 3-storey hotel houses 52 rooms, a beautiful swimming pool, and a breath-taking view of the sea and pool at prices that are extremely affordable for the quality of service and accommodation that you get. The hotel also serves as a great way to quickly source trips to your Sipalay destinations and attractions, with direct booking access to pumpboats, transportation, and tour guides.

Being a city by the seaside, Sipalay, with it’s many beautiful beaches, caves, activities and wildlife aims to be escape and nature getaway that highlights your summer. Often called the “New Boracay”, Sipalay City’ own calm beauty contrasts it from Boracay, which is now a major tourist hub, albeit more commercialized than most would like. For those looking for a more raw experience of nature, Sipalay City is the place to go.

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